Welcome to Mandya: A Pioneering Geography

By Neeraj Manchanda

Mandya, a city in the state of Karnataka, is more than just a dot on the map. Nestled 45 kilometers from the historical city of Mysore and 100 kilometers from the state capital Bengaluru, it boasts a rich history and a vibrant present. The district headquarters, Mandya is affectionately known as the ‘Sugar City’ (or, Sakkare Nagara in Kannada) due to its significant sugarcane cultivation and thriving sugar factories. But there’s more to Mandya than sweetness; it’s a land of contrasts and possibilities.

We, at ZUGE Electric, found it to be the perfect place to start our journey as a multi-brand EV marketplace in the MetaVerse.

Tier 3 and 4 Towns

Mandya’s relevance extends beyond its own boundaries. It serves as a lifeline for numerous tier 3 and 4 towns in the region. These smaller urban centers look up to Mandya for inspiration, economic sustenance, and developmental cues. The district’s prosperity, driven by agriculture and industry, sets an example for neighboring towns. Mandya’s success story resonates with those aspiring to uplift their communities.

A Perfect Test Pilot Town

As an agricultural heartland, Mandya’s landscape is painted with lush green fields, fed by five rivers. With over half of its land dedicated to agriculture, it epitomizes rural life. Its farmers, resilient and hardworking, form the backbone of the community.

The town grapples with the complexities of modernization. While traditional occupations persist, the younger generation seeks urban opportunities. This delicate balance makes Mandya an ideal testing ground for innovative solutions that bridge the rural-urban divide.

Mandya also weaves together historical sites, temples, and natural wonders. From the Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangapatna to the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, the district wears its heritage proudly. The clash of tradition and progress fuels its dynamism. What better place to be than Mandya!

What Encouraged Us to Enter the Town

Our curiosity led us to Mandya. We wanted to witness firsthand how a town grapples with change while preserving its essence. The stories of hopeful bachelors, the aspirations of educated women, and the pulse of the land drew us in. We sensed that Mandya held the key to understanding the evolving Indian narrative.

What We Saw

Chronic bachelorhood is an issue that men in Mandya city face. Men in their 30s and 40s, still single, tilling the same soil their ancestors did. Their dreams of companionship are thwarted by urban preferences.

Being not too far from Karnataka’s main urban centers, the women of Mandya have access to good educational opportunities and hence, are not short of ambition. Educated women here seek stability beyond the agricultural fields, yearning for urban jobs and smaller families. They are not averse to using personal transport.

At the same time, there are underlying tensions in the town that rear their head once in a while.

ZUGE Electric, India’s first multi-brand EV showroom on the MetaVerse, embarked on its journey, finding Mandya to be the ideal starting point. ZUGE set up its first real-world showroom at Pandavapura in Mandya district.

ZUGE in Mandya

Mandya’s story is our canvas. It has large dealerships of EV 2-Wheelers where customers can experience the power of EV, but at a distance. Access is an issue. Convenience is an issue. And trust is a question mark. Do I need to travel this far to get my vehicle serviced? Will they recognize me or will I be ignored?

They know EV is the future. They know that petrol is a diminishing resource and the availability of electricity will only go up with time. But the issues of Access, Convenience and Trust will drive ZUGE.

ZUGE explored the complexities, celebrated their resilience, and we learnt from the challenges it presented. As we engaged with the people of Mandya, they contributed to the evolving ZUGE narrative—one that embraces tradition while embracing progress. We created access points for every village of the taluk with 2nd generation entrepreneurs (EV rangers), connected to a hub that could individually service them all. Using technology we brought large-scale showrooms to every village, taluk by taluk to the entire district. Virtual Showrooms that could present their products to all of the target audience. Backed by their trusted EV ranger to help them in their after sales endeavor, in Mandya, the past and future dance together, and we’re here to witness every step.

(Neeraj Manchanda is the Founder of ZUGE Electric, India’s first multi-showroom brand on the MetaVerse)

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