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A firm that has its sights focussed firmly on the global EV markets; casting a wide net over critical EV ecosystem avenues and also leveraging the new-age METAVERSE technology to expand reach and impact through gamifying e-commerce.

ZUGE already carries the largest distribution mantle in India with over 4500 physical dealerships, 12000 virtual dealerships and counting.

The icing on our EV cake: Apart from two wheelers and four wheelers, we are just a wee Zip-Zap-ZUGE away from representing three wheelers and large trucks on our platform too.

Aside from our strategic on-ground infrastructure, ZUGE is also the first company globally, to take EV showrooms to the customer’s doorstep through the Metaverse.

At ZUGE’s core, pulses the rhythms of: ACCESS, CONVENIENCE & TRUST. Plug In.