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ZUGE is building a global EV ecosystem with a great deal of strategic thought, scalability and responsibility. For EV is the future and our foundational solutions are laid with tenacity, strength and foresight for lasting sustainability. And India is ZUGE’s stepping stone to the global EV framework of the future.

In India alone, an estimated 3.5 Million units of two wheelers are expected to be sold by early 2025. The market for 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers is noted to be even larger. And ZUGE will be the foremost force multiplier driving the EV ecosystem forward.

ACCESS: ZUGE is on point to building and providing a cutting edge hub and spokes business model connection (physical dealerships being the hubs that provide support to virtual metaverse spokes) to all major brands that seek a uniform, streamlined and valuable pan India distribution access.

CONVENIENCE: “Range Anxiety” is a true dilemma to an estimated 3.5 million new users who would soon be riding their EVs on Indian roads; how does one charge an EV if it runs out of power en-route to a destination? The answer lies in ZUGE’s 12,000+ “Meta” dealership network that maintains charging infrastructure across a wide array of regions. ZUGE’s Charging Solution also comes with an App that informs its users about the nearest charging points and their availability status.

TRUST: ZUGE periodically trains and up-skills its 12,000+ “Meta dealerships” to act as “Maintenance Hubs,” allowing users with easy and convenient access for repairs and maintenance in most neighborhoods. Our advice to the users and the brands on board: Enjoy the route. ZUGE does the rest.